Members of CPDD

CPDD comprises of around 100 members civil society organization. CPDD has built good working relationships with the key Government’s democratic development institutions and agencies, especially the Secretariat of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD-S), the Association for Sub-National Councils (ASAC), sub-national administrations and donor agencies throughout the country. Please click here to apply for CPDD Membership. You can read the guideline to apply for a member of CPDD here.

CPDD Active Members

  1. Aide et Action Cambodia (AEA)
  2. Action for Development (AFD)
  3. Action for Health Development (AHEAD)
  4. Anakot Kumar (AK)
  5. Akphivath Neary Khmer Organization (ANKO)
  6. AMARA Organization (AMARA)
  7. Advocacy and Policy Institute (API)
  8. Building Bring Cambodia (BBC)
  9. Building Community Voices (BCV)
  10. Buddhist Library Cambodia Project (BLCP)
  11. Banteay Srei (BS)
  12. Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA)
  13. Cambodian Agency Development of Disability and the Poor (CADDP)
  14. Cooperation Committe for Cambodia (CCC)
  15. Cambodian Community Development Kratie (CCD-Kratie)
  16. Community Council for Development Organization (CCD)
  17. Cambodia's Leading Independent Policy Research Institute (CDRI)
  18. Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA)
  19. Community Legal Education Center (CLEC)
  20. Cambodia Organization for Children and Development (COCD)
  21. Cambodian Civil Society Partnership (CCSP)
  22. Chumkriel Language School​ (CLS)
  23. Cooperation For Alleviation of Poverty (COFAP)
  24. Co-Operation of Development for Cambodia (CoDec)
  25. Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL)
  26. Cambodia Organization for Women Support (COWS)
  27. Community Poverty Reduction (CPR)
  28. Community Translation Organization (CTO)
  29. Community Training Organization Development (CTOD)
  30. Cambodian Women's Development Association (CWDA)
  31. Children and Women Development Center in Cambodia (CWDCC)
  32. Development & Partnership in Action (DPA)
  33. Disabled Veterans Development Association (DVDA)
  34. Environmental Protection and Development Organization (EPDO)
  35. (FAEC Cambodia)
  36. Forest and Livelihood Organization (FLO)
  37. Help Oldages and Miserable People (HOM)
  38. Human Resource and Rural Economic Development Organization (HURREDO)
  39. Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association (IDEA)
  41. Khmer Association For Development Of Country-Side (KAFDOC)
  42. Kratie Disable People Organization (KDPO)
  43. Khmer Youth Association (KYA)
  44. Kampuchea Woman Welfare Action (KWWA)
  45. Life With Dignity (LWD)
  46. Mlup Prom Vihea Thor Center Organization (MPC)
  47. Nak Akphiwath Sahakum (NAS)
  48. NeakPoan Organization for Development (NOD)
  49. Our Objective Organization (OOO)
  50. Peace & Development Aid Organization (PDAO)
  51. Ponleu Komar (PK)
  52. Phnom Neang Kangrei Association (PNKA)
  53. Plan International (PLAN)
  54. Phnom Srey Organization for Development (PSOD)
  55. Prumvihearthor Organization (PVT)
  56. Rural Aid Organisation (RAO)
  57. Rural Development Association (RDA)
  58. Rural Friend Community for Development (RFCD)
  59. Rachna Satrei (RS)
  60. Samaky Organization (Samaky)
  61. Samakum Krom Akphiwat Phum (KAWP)
  62. Social Environment Agricultural Development Organization (SEADO)
  63. Silakar Organization (SILAKA)
  64. Society for Development in Cambodia (Sofdec)
  65. STAR Kampuchea
  66. Save the Children (SCI)
  67. Street Children Assistance and Development Program (SCADP)
  68. Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia)
  69. Tekdey Sovanphum Organization (TDSP)
  70. Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO)
  71. Vicheasthan Bomreu Neak samrabsamroul Karngea akphiwat (VBNK)
  72. Village Support Group (VSG)
  73. Voluntary Service Oversea Cambodia (VSO)
  74. Wathnakpheap Organization (WP)
  76. World Vision Cambodia (WV)
  77. Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC)
  78. Youth for Peace (YFP)

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February 9, 2022



Coalition for Partnership in Democratic Development Organization is a non-profit organization, neutrality, no racism, no religions discrimination, no siding with political tendency, no political performance, not being a political tool including not providing a mean of materials, finance, human resources in order to support any political party.
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