Pact Partnership Meeting in 2022, Phnom Penh

What We Do

The Coalition for Partnership in Democratic Development (CPDD), formerly known as the Working for Partnership in Decentralization (WGDP), is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of Cambodian and INGOs and individuals working on the issues of decentralization and de-concentration reforms in Cambodia. Officially registered with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in July 2017, CPDD is currently the only network organization with over a 100 membership of non-government organizations (NGOs) that focuses explicitly on decentralization reform.

We are a network that promotes a strong partnership and building relationships between stakeholders to shares knowledge and experiences and improve policy at the national level and practice at the local level. We have built good working relationship with the Government, especially the Secretariat of the National Committee for Democratic Development (NCDD-S), donor agencies, the association for sub-national councils (ASAC), and sub-national administrations throughout the country.

We organize meetings and workshops and provide other ways of support to our members to build their capacity and empower them to collect and discuss issues they face in their respective community and to advocate their views to their local government, depending on the issues of civil society, CPDD executive committee coordinates articulation of collective stands of members which is followed with advocacy actins with National Government.

Our efforts mainly focus on the work of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development, an inter-ministerial mechanism for promoting democratic development through D&D reforms throughout Cambodia. We also interact with the ministry of the Interior and other government bodies involved in sub-national democratic development reform. As development partners paly a very important role and provide support to Cambodia in D&D reforms, CPDD board and the Executive committees interact with them to share perspectives and identify mutual interest also to share the voice of the CPDD coalition concerning democratization process. We also established collaborate with other networks and associations related to civil society in Cambodia and abroad.


A Cambodian society where diverse citizens have equal access to quality, inclusive and social equity public services.


Nurturing democratic accountability and good governance through the promotion of a common voice and meaningful engagement of civil society


The coalition commits itself to nurture democratic accountability and good governance and promote transparency, accountability, mutual respect, cooperation, non-political approaches, and non-discrimination.
The CPDD Governing Board consists of 5 members, all of whom are knowledgeable about and actively engaging in, the decentralization reforms in Cambodia. They provide direction, approve, participate in, and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan of the CPDD. They are also directly engaging in the advocacy, learning, and knowledge sharing efforts, which is crucial for ongoing activities of the CPDD.

The Governing Board of Directors for 2022-2023

Lam Socheat

Chairman of the CPDD’s board of directors and
Executive Director of Advocacy and Policy Institution

Ros Chhorvivorn

Vice-chair of the CPDD’s board directors and
Executive Director of Village Support Group (VSG)

Yi Kim Than

Treasurer of the CPDD’s board directors and
Deputy Country Director-Programmes of Plan International Cambodia

Vorn Pov

Member of the CPDD’s board of directors and 
President of Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association (IDEA)

Meet our technical advisor

25+ years of experiences working on decentralization, government, and local development agencies, including 11 years working experiences with Pact Cambodia.

CHHOR Jan Sophal

Decentralization and Governance Advisor


Meet the Team

Personnel who drive CPDD as a whole.


Executive Director

Morn Borina

Head of Program

Setha SUM

MEAL Manager

Samrith Sambo

Head of Administration and Finance




Admin and Finance Assistant


ICT Specialist


Programme Officer
Decentralisation & De-concentration (D&D) Policy and Advocacy



Our projects


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European Union - AeA

Business Environment and Social Transformation for Young Entrepreneurs
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Voice and Action and Young Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs
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Access to Information for All -A4A
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Strengthen Civic Engagement at DM Level
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UNDP Cambodia

Project for Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Local Governance through Civic Engagement
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Coalition for Partnership in Democratic Development Organization is a non-profit organization, neutrality, no racism, no religions discrimination, no siding with political tendency, no political performance, not being a political tool including not providing a mean of materials, finance, human resources in order to support any political party.
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